Fall Landscape Additions for 2016

Fall is here! Fortunately for us, the cold weather hasn’t started just yet, which means more time to spend in your yard, doing the same things you loved doing before. But if summer activities don’t interest you anymore, it might be the scenery that isn’t so enticing anymore. Before it’s too cold, think about these additions you can make to your landscape before Fall has passed.



There’s nothing worse than plants that can’t hang once a brisk wind hits them. So before planting things for next year, why not consider something that’s a little more “warm” in color to help with the cooler atmosphere. These can really help the appearance, especially when having guests over for dinner or a nice day in the yard


What’s better than an outdoor fireplace? In the fall, well argue that nothing really comes close. Whether it’s in the center of a group of chairs or a full fledged fireplace, there’s no place we’d rather be than in front, toasting up some marshmallows. This adds elegance to your patio, as well as something to use year round, even when it isn’t a particularly cold night. You can enjoy your firepit at any time of the year!

Before it gets too cold to enjoy, make sure you’re thinking of what you can do to make the most of the season. When it gets too cold, make sure you’re prepared with the tools necessary for the white stuff as well. If you’re like us and want to savor each remaining day, give Ambrosio landscapes a call and we’ll discuss the dreams you have and how we can help make them a reality!