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Hardscapes Galore: Tasteful Offerings

Taking pride in your home is something you should be doing as a homeowner, right? Right! Albeit traditional landscape offerings can be great, sometimes flowers and shrubbery aren’t the best complements to a home. And thus, we bring hardscapes into the equation. These larger, handmade pieces provide exceptional accenting to your home, as well as […]


Patio BBQ Tips

Hosting a BBQ is fun — hosting a BBQ where everyone has to squeeze by one another to get a chair isn’t fun. While it’s something you might not think of, the arrangement of your patio furniture is something that makes or breaks the atmosphere of a get-together. When people are eating, they want their […]


Top Patio Trends

Spending time outdoors is extremely important during the warmer months — who doesn’t like a little vitamin D? The time spent outside should be worthwhile, as should the area you spend it on! This summer, let your dreams become a reality and transform your patio into something unforgettable! Here are a few of the top […]


Benefits of Paving Stones

Spicing up your outdoor living space this season isn’t as difficult as you might think — in fact, it’s quite easy! If you’re looking to refresh your driveway or your patio, perhaps it’s time to look at paving stones.These interlocking pieces will transform any living space into a lively, fun area. Whether parking your car […]


How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for Your Backyard Patio

Summer nights are perfect for spending time outside with family and friends.  If you are gearing up for an outdoor BBQ this weekend, the perfect patio furniture can make all the difference.  Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect backyard patio furniture for your space. Types of Outdoor Furniture: Wrought Iron […]


Updating Your Backyard Patio for Summer

Warm summer weather is perfect for spending time outdoors.  Whether you enjoy small, intimate spaces or you love entertaining guests, your backyard patio should be a functional living space that meets the unique needs of your family.  Does your backyard patio need an upgrade this summer?  Our design professionals can help you create a custom […]

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